Thursday, November 29, 2012

Season's Greetings from Tilda

Hello everyone and welcome to the Holidays!

Last week I worked very hard making two Tilda Christmas cards for my mother and sister.  Did not want to post them until they were received, and that happened today, so here they are!  Both Tilda images were colored with Copic markers, and I used a combination of different color backgrounds and ephemera to create a special look for each one.

"Joy to the World" was made with my sister in mind.  I was aiming for the Spirit of Christmas with this one.
For my mother I went for something vintage, but at the same time colorful and fun.  Was not sure what Tilda to use, but decided that she had to be sitting.

I hope you like these cards, and I always look forward to feedback!  All my best and happy holidays!