Saturday, May 25, 2013

Girls' Night Out


Hello everyone,
I hope you are all enjoying this Memorial Day weekend, although not everyone has Monday off.  A few weeks ago I came across some online photos of Origami dresses that I thought were very cute and eyecatching.  I decided to try making some to use on cards, as I figured these would make great cards for birthdays, Mother's Day, or even just to send to a girlfriend (thus the title "Girls' Night Out").  I practiced (and practiced) on ordinary paper before using the Chiyogami Yuzen paper, which is considered the high end of Origami papers.  For those who are not aware, Chiyogami prints are patterned from designs used for kimonos, thus they can be quite elaborate.  The paper is beautiful with gold accents, and has a feel of tissue material.  As you can see, these papers make the dresses come to life!                                                        

I learned how to make two dress styles.  The full skirt with the little cap sleeves was the first, and is relatively simple to learn.  These are cute and look like dresses little girls wore in the 50's and early 60's.           

The second style is definitely a more contemporary and sophisticated style of dress, and with the Chiyogami paper, looks like a cocktail dress LOL!  This was a more complicated dress to make, but with everything, all it takes is patience and practice. 
I gave the above card to my sister, as she favored blue over the reds

Although bright colors tend to showcase the dresses, I tried pastel colors and they work just as nicely.  The above card went to my mother.

One of my coworkers fell in love with this card, and later she told me she might keep it instead of sending it to a friend LOL!  I can't ask for higher praise....!

These little dresses make charming cards and I hope you decide to try making some for yourself, as they will make unforgettable cards for whoever receives one!              


Friday, May 17, 2013

Place in TIme Calendar


Hello everyone!
I can't believe my last post was in March, but between work and recuperating from shingles, I feel like I hardly have time to do all the paper things I love.  It's ironic, but I have been busy the last few weeks with all kinds of ideas.  My Muse has been a busy lady lately.... I just need to find time to post what I've been working on LOL!

Anyway... let's talk about Mother's Day.... I hope all of you who are mothers - and those of you with mothers - had a nice day.  My mother lives in Puerto Rico, so I don't remember the last Mother's Day I actually spent with her.  Distance does make the heart grow fonder, and this year I wanted to make something very special for her.  I had been thinking for some time now of using the Place in Time papers from Graphic 45 to make an easel calendar.  I used the papers from the 8 x 8 pack, although the rectangular calendar on each page is from the 12 x 12 set. I worked on it every moment I could and managed to complete it in time to send for Mother's Day.  I showed it to Melody Winston, a dear friend of mine that works at Stamp Asylum (in Plano, Texas), and she loved everything about it.  Melody is quite a mixed-media artist herself, so this was high praise coming from her. I am happy to say my mother was delighted with the calendar when she opened it.

Sometime on my agenda for later this year is to make one for my sister Anabel.... and the beat goes on and on and on.... Enjoy the photos, and I would appreciate your feedback!

Thank you for looking and have a nice evening!
February is for love, kisses, and chocolates!
March is for St Patrick and kite flying
(this is my mother's birth month)

April is for showers
(my sister Anabel's birth month)
May is for flowers and Mother's Day

June is for brides and Father's Day
July is for the 4th!
August is for summer sun
(my birth month!)
September is for back to School and Autumn leaves
October is for Halloween and little black cats!
November is for Thamksgiving and turkey!
(the most wonderful time of the year!)