Saturday, August 4, 2012

I Love Paris

"... I love Paris in the springtime.... I love Paris in the fall.... I love Paris in the winter when it drizzles... I love Paris in the summer when it sizzles...." What can I say?  This song by Cole Porter says it all for me.  I visited Paris several years ago and fell in love with the City of Light.  Paris has an irrestible magic for me, and I am drawn to anything with a French theme.  I had purchased these vintage Paris themed papers a long time ago, and last week I got the urge to make some cards using them as the background.  I used vintage photos to give them a look of nostalgia, especially the ones with the pictures of Josephine Baker, who was quite the chanteuse and the toast of Paris in the 1920's.

                                                 Josephine Baker                                                 
                                   Showgirl from the Folie Bergere                                  

                                  Another memory of the Folie Bergere                                     
                                                      The fabulous Josephine Baker
Casino de Paris showgirl
Memories of Paris


  1. Dee, I see you still have that touch.. and the Paris thing is something we both share...
    Have missed you but look for you always.
    I might suggest you do away with the word verification thingy on your comment part of it. ( unless you feel it's necessary, it puts people off to commenting as it's hard to read and just a plain pain in the backside. ! hugs,
    Barbra Joan.. BJ

    1. Hi Barbra Joan,
      Thank you for your lovely compliments, and I always appreciate your feedback! I wasn't even aware I had that word verification setting activated, so thank you for pointing it out to me; have already taken care of it. Will write to you.....

  2. I think your Paris themed cards are beautiful Damarys. I also loved Paris when I visited. Wish I was there now for a long vacation. There was so much I wanted to see, but ran out of time. Lucky recipients!!

  3. Thank you Terri! I hope one of these days before I die to see Paris again. However, I have not forgotten that we both want to visit London and attend one of their big craft shows and buy all kinds of stuff not sold in the US LOL!

  4. Hola Damarys. I also love Paris and the Cole Porter song... one of my favourites!!! I met you in Paris in the Fashion Doll Festival, do you remember? We had a great time!! If you ever come back to Paris again we could go together to the festival!! That would be great!! :-)
    Beautiful postcards!!
    Un fuerte abrazo amiga!!