Saturday, January 10, 2015

Christmas 2014


I  meant to post this entry last month in December in the midst of the holiday season, but between making cards and getting ready to fly home, the time got away from me.  I recently retired from the Federal government after working more years than I care to remember. I am very happy to be retired, and it happened at the best time, right after Thanksgiving.  I have absolutely no regrets and it's a wonderful feeling to know that every day I wake up is mine to do as I want. For those of you that are still working, your day will come, so hang in there!

Although I made many different types of Christmas cards for 2014, I have only posted those with images designed by Rick St Dennis.  With all the rush and lack of time, I did not take photos of the other cards I made.  The card above is one I made for a Christmas card swap sponsored by Kit & Clowder, and it was mailed all the way to Scotland.  I am pleased to say the recipient was delighted with this card!  The image used is a hat model called 1940 Park Avenue, and I also used it for a second card I made, a variation that I gave to my sister Anabel.

The following three cards I made back in August and submitted for publication in Just Cards magazine.  I have not heard anything yet as of this date, but perhaps we will see them in a future holiday issue.                                               
December Holly
Starry Night Santa
Last but not least, I have included Billy Goldenbells, and I hope to use for Christmas 2015!  Better late than never..... I wish everyone a happy new year!

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