Sunday, May 11, 2014

Shady Ladies


Hello everyone,
For those of you that do not yet know, I was recently asked by Rick St Dennis to become a member of his Design Team.  I was very flattered, as this is my first time being part of a design team, so this is all new to me as I navigate my way around. Many thanks not only to Rick himself, but to fellow team members Aletha, Monique, and Helen for being so helpful.

Rick's new hat series is called Shady Ladies, and as you can see, they are not very nice girls LOL! Rick did ask Aletha and I to make them evil, but I couldn't help giving them my touch of glamour.  Still, they do look dangerous!




  1. Damarys! Congratulations... I just read this and am thrilled for you. I've always predicted you'd make it in the art world somehow, someway, and if any one deserves it you do..
    Your talent and creativity has always blown me away !! Good Luck . I hope this is the start of a new venture... Barbra Joan...

    1. Dear Barbra Joan, You are so sweet and I always appreciate your compliments and feedback! Right now I'm on a roll and am seizing the moment - Carpe Diem!