Friday, May 9, 2014

There Was A World and I Was Queen

Queen Elizabeth I is one of my favorite historical characters, and a woman I admire in so many ways.  I can't tell you the number of books I have about her, written by authors with different perspectives.  She truly was an enigmatic woman and a fascinating one. 

Not too long ago, I purchased an odd looking Spellbinder die called Gold Majestic Circle.  At the time I was not sure what I would do with it, but it looked like an unusual frame to me, so I knew that somewhere down the road I would find a use for it.  Soon afterwards, I saw a new paper pack called Uncharted by Paper Studio. This 12 x 12 pack is made up of antique maps redefined, some in colorful hues.  I decided to use the maps as a background for a card showcasing Elizabeth in the Spellbinder die.  I then went looking for images, and spotted this artistic version, that although very idealized, is perfect as a card.

This is one of those "just because" cards, since it's not really meant for any special occasion, like a birthday, for example.  I look at it as perhaps an empowerment card for someone that needs a little confidence or push in the right direction.

I made two versions, each with a different background.  The sentiment stamped inside is:

"There was a world and
I was Queen
A world where I created
all things seen"

I can't think of a better way to describe Elizabeth I.  It truly says it all.


  1. Damarys, I can only say you have really outdone yourself.. Not only in your creativity but your use of unusual elements like the frame. I think it's one of the best ( and there have been many) that you've created...Your cards are always first class, and I think that's what draws them to me.
    Even your fun cards like Halloween or Steampunk have that look about them that says
    'classy'.. Like you !! Barbra Joan

    1. Dear Barbra Joan, THANK YOU for the kind words... I too like how the Elizabeth cards look. I have so many ideas, but my problem now is trying to find time and also decide what I want to do LOL! God bless you always....

  2. Hi Damarys, I hope you've had a good week and got loads of crafty stuff planned for the weekend. Loving this card, a very striking image, papers and that gorgeous frame. I love framing images and was very interested in how you framed the Queen.

    1. Hi Sue! Thank you for your compliments! This was an unusual Spellbinder die that I could not resist. I like to use classic art in my paper crafts, and loved this image of Elizabeth.