Sunday, December 13, 2015

Recreating Christmas Past


This past January when I took down the Christmas cards I had received, some were so lovely that I could not throw them out. I decided to save all the store bought cards I really liked to recycle them into new Christmas cards this year.  Not only is this a excellent idea, but a way of rechanneling your creativity.  I've only posted a few cards here, but I made several using the front of old Christmas cards.  I feel like I have saved in some way a bit of a beloved Christmas past.

The card above is one I made for my mother, as she loves birds.  I had a card with a cardinal on the front and felt it would be perfect for a brand new Christmas card.  I am pleased with how it came out and my mother loved it!

I was able to make two different cards from a rectangular Christmas winter I made square using the central image of the old card, and I had enough left over to make a smaller card, decorated with gold embossing on the side.  I think both cards look charming and each is different in spite of originally being from one image.
Card #1
Card #2

It is true that one can practically make a card from any materials and you are only limited by your imagination.  For the past few years I have been saving dimensional holiday tags, as I felt they were just too lovely to throw out... This year with the aid of embossing folders and mirror foil cardstock, I was able to produce some elegant and somewhat ornate looking cards. Take a look and judge for yourself....

I hope you like what I have created and I hope I have inspired you to save and recycle old Christmas cards... saving something from Christmas Past can make a beautiful Christmas Present!

Happy Christmas to all and I wish you all a creative new year!

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  1. Oh yes, leave it to you my very creative friend... lovely work and such good use of recycling..
    Will write soon.
    I am well.